Sun Automotive Repair

Sun Automotive Repair

August 23,2014

Professional Automotive Repair Advice You Can Use Now When your vehicle stops working, for what ever reason, you can feel lost and your life might feel without power! And your feelings would be genuine because it is what helped you get to work, drove groceries home, and everywhere else you wanted to reach. But instead ReadMore


July 16,2014

You need to be very careful when buying a used car. You can easily end up with an rebuilt car. It can happen to anybody. Since you are normally buying a used car “As Is” you definitely want to know about any problems the car had before. A very important thing when buying a car, ReadMore

BuyHerePayHere Dealerships

July 14,2014

BuyHerePayHere Dealerships There are many BuyHerePayHere dealerships. Their common element is that they finance their customers directly. They want you to buy the car there and then pay there, hence the term Buy Here Pay Here is created. In other, more traditional dealerships, the dealers sell the vehicles but have their customers sign a contract ReadMore

Inspecting And Testing Used Cars

June 30,2014

  Inspecting And Testing Used Cars   Once you arrive at the used cars dealerships, you need to make sure that you inspect the vehicles well. Do not just take the word from the salesperson that the vehicle is great. You also need to put your feelings aside and use your eyes and ears to ReadMore

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

June 20,2014

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers use their own money to finance their customers. This allows them to set their own approval criteria. This means that there are no other lenders involved in the decision making process. So if the dealers see that you are fit to make the ReadMore